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posted 7 years, 334 days ago

Another 9’4 Son of Sam. Spencer Kellogg’s rendition of ” Magic Sam”. She’s heading to the Bay area. Look out for her.



The Maldives Experience by Hector Barrero

posted 7 years, 362 days ago

Heaven. The Maldives Experience. from Héctor Barrero on Vimeo.

I wanna go.

Big Sur longboarding

posted 7 years, 362 days ago

Big Sur is heaven even though the surf was small


Board = 9’4 “Son of Sam”

The Distant Shores

posted 8 years, 19 days ago

Velzy Inspired

posted 8 years, 22 days ago

Here is one I don’t make every day. A customer walked into my shop and asked me to make this. Pretty Cool 8’5×22 wide




100 Sharks feeding on a whale carcass

posted 8 years, 49 days ago

Sharks attack whale from Rachel Campbell on Vimeo.

Shark off Bondi

posted 8 years, 79 days ago

Vincent Charging

posted 8 years, 84 days ago

Vincent Duvignac charging on a Timberline/Resist board at Lower Trestles.

Vincent Charging

posted 8 years, 123 days ago

Vincent Duvignac ( European Champion) charging at the Biarritz Maider Arosteguy 2012 surf contest. He finished second surfing a Resist/Timberline 6′ rounded pin. If you want to see more photos of the board click HERE.


6′ Rounded Pin

posted 8 years, 126 days ago

This baby is in Hossegor France. Its one Vincent Duvignac’s new boards. Hopefully he will be competing with this bad boy at Trestles next month. Dims 6′x2 1/8x 18 1/4. 5lbs