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Timberline’s Featured Shapers are below. However if you have a shaper that you love and would like their shape in the Timberline method, drop us a line and we’ll work with your shaper to make your custom Timberline Board.

Attn Shapers send us an email and we’ll talk about how you can get your shapes done with your branding in the Timberline method.

Ryan was a key part of the birth of Timberline and its first shaper. He originally was building custom surfboards as Point Concept and now under his own name Ryan Lovelace. Ryan specializes in fish shapes (quad & twins) as well as classic single-fins, longboards, hulls and stubbies. The core Timberline shapes were either designed by Ryan or have  roots in Ryan’s work.

End of Session

Jeff has been shaping for his own label Resist Surfboards.  He specializes in performance shortboards. He has a stable of groms on his shapes including Taylor Curran, and now Vincent Duvignac, the European champion.

Resist Surfboards

The Taystay Wide in wood and The Resist Microstep.


Spencer Kellog

IfIf you’ve heard anything at all about Spence Surfboards, you’ve probably heard at least two things: Spence Surfboards are kick-ass, high quality surfing machines.

Son of Sam